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RPA as a Service


Credexo makes UIPath Automation accessible to everyone.   

We help you think Automation First.


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Credexo RPAaaS

UIPath is a leader in Robotic Process Automation, it allows automating manual processes that tailor to client's needs. You can automate your manual processes saving you lots of resources and man-hours. Credexo offers RPA as a Service and provides comprehensive solution that leads to cost reduction, rapid deployment.
Credexo holds knowledge about the following industries: Manufacturing, Rental and Energy, Oil & Gas. We are an RPA services provider using UIPath in the above mentioned industries. Over a decade of industry expertise has enabled us with qualitative industry knowledge that helps clients to make smarter decisions.

Benefits of Well Integrated Applications ?


RPA for Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries hold umpteen range of Automation opportunities in all the domains and processes. With features such as enhanced regulatory compliance, digitized communication, real time analytics and performance, Credexo as a RPA services provider using UiPath provides quality RPA services that are scalable and will help you realize the benefits within the defined time frame.




RPA for Energy, Oil & Gas

RPA can be quickly deployed in horizontal functions for Energy, Oil & Gas sector, functions such as finance, accounting, human resources, legal, customer contact centers, supply chain management and shared services. Implementation of intelligent RPA solutions by Credexo releases the time and capacity for on-field workers because repetitive and mundane tasks are done by the robots that are managed and maintained by Credexo using UiPath.

Path to Aritificial Intelligence

Credexo implements RPA using UiPath that utilizes integrated NLP services from Google, Watson and Microsoft, and deep learning to reduce maintenance that leads to a introductory path to achieve much more using Artificial Intelligence.





Automation First !

Credexo not only helps Connect Your Business but also ensures that you have an exposure to the leading Automation Practices, Methodologies and in-house Frameworks developed by Credexo. We take pride in guiding you to achieve optimal outcome and build, deploy RPA solutions that tailor to your needs enabling:

  • Increase in productivity and available resources
  • Reduced infrastructure costs, cloud based solution
  • Built in data analytics
  • Improved efficiency
  • Realize freedom from mundane, repeatable tasks

Credexo Provides Intelligent RPA Services using UIPath

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