Smart Operations: A winning formula for digitalization

Driving and sustaining step-change improvements in operational performance and safety can be high-impact step-ups in your organization's journey towards building a digital supply network. By introducing significant improvements in production and similar functions, such as quality and maintenance, repair and overhaul, organizations can build their 'Smart Operations' capability that will eventually synchronize all aspects of their production and operations. The capability is a highly responsive, adaptive, digitized and connected function that augments human intelligence with machine intelligence and human physical capability with machine capability to drive and sustain operational performance and safety. 

Realize the business benefits of Smart Operations

Drive and sustain peak operational performance by focusing far and beyond the the following enablers:

Drive real-time process control by responding to issues and opportunities 

Capture real-time operational data using connected machines and sensors

Enhance worker safety, productivity, capability and performance

Aggregate data from products, processes and enterprise systems

Provide real-time visibility into operations performance

Schedule and allocate scarce resources to optimally execute production

Enablers for 

enablers for smart operations

Drivers for 

Moving manufacturing closing to customers results in a linear increase of demand for on-site process experts.
Manufacturing labor is becoming scarce; industry is evolving toward more complex hybrid manufacturing jobs
Real-time visibility into operations is needed to drive quality throughput
Companies increasingly need additional, richer data sets to solve modern problems
Tightly integrated systems do not allow for lengthy corrections to process errors.
Pressure to decrease the total cost of production in industrialized markets requires that direct labor be more value-added
Changes in workforce competition and size are leading to quite a shortage of skilled production planners and shop floor managers
A lack of visibility into equipment, people, processes across the supply network results in delayed decision-making & wasted resources