Integrated business applications for cross functional organizations

Become a cross-functional organization integrating functions seamlessly for entire business to operate as ONE


The variability of demand and volatility of raw material pricing challenge every Manufacturer. And the only way forward is to have an end-to-end view for alignment and addressing changes across the spectrum

Field Service

Right time, Right place, Right person and Right skill matter the most for Field Service organizations. Ability to connect the asset all the way back to skills needed for troubleshooting, performance and predictable maintenance will help customers reduce the cost of ownership


Right time, Right place, Right product and Right quantity will be the sole agenda for Distribution businesses. All of them need the capability to sync between the fast changing needs of customers to the availability of product choices.


As core competencies render higher margins, the need for a supply chain is inevitable. The opportunity to understand the pricing dynamics on various supplies all the way to raw materials and the seasonality or pricing drivers offers Procurement teams add significant value to business.


Traditional Finance departments beyond budget planning cycles largely remained reactive and today the capability to combine data across multiple functions and business lines offer a proactive edge.

Sales and Marketing

Conventional Sales & Marketing was available via limited avenues and today when most of the businesses have to operate with omni channel presence the necessity to combine signals across all of those avenues and associated becomes crucial to align with customers.


Customers requirements change much faster than anticipated and to that end Engineering teams have to constantly innovate on multiple parameters like cost, quality, reliability etc. Given the wide range of requirements Engineering teams have to be able to digest those signals from customers and necessitate synchronous design changes. 


Planning teams have to be able to model multiple scenarios as steady states constantly get challenged by flux. The ability to combine data from different aspects of business, customer needs, financial targets etc., offers a decision making tool to reduce the risk and increase rewards.


When the demand for more projects, and delivering such/all of them within time and budget is a constant despite changes in scope, risks it invariably demands homogenizing lot of processes and systems and yet not losing the unique nuances of every project involved.

Customer Service

Customers come in different needs and requirements. Ability to build intelligence from all customer interfacing touchpoints will bring the desired customer experience more closer to reality. 

Facility Operations

The need for higher availability of manufacturing assets and compliance of environmental regulations demands a balancing act. The capability to view the needs of a facility driven by the vagaries of manufacturing lines and markets offers sustainable processes.

Human Resources

Every human asset is expected to contribute at the peak levels and with a consistency/ predictability. The opportunity to measure performance via multiple correlating aspects can help the organization as a whole operate at peak levels.

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