Product Development: Innovation-infused design and development

Organizations that aspire to go the 'Digital' way have to develop and manage products and services that are responsive to customer experience and are transformed by smart real-time data, advanced technologies and agile innovation. When organizations choose to adopt the 'Digital Development' capability, they are able to conceptualize, design and launch products and services by leveraging technology, drive efficiency in product and service design, and activate a development ecosystem that rapidly fulfills their unique customer needs. Not just that, the capability speeds up time-to-market, enables higher-quality products, and there is a huge improvement in the cross-functional collaboration throughout the product life cycle. 

Realize the business benefits of Product Development

Conceptualize, design,  by focusing far and beyond the the following enablers: 

Enable engineers to quickly visualize and develop accurate product designs 

Discover/course correct design errors faster and earlier in the design cycle

Break the internal organization’s conventional boundaries

Integrate the development processes across internal/external stakeholders. 

Apply technology to execute a subset of design processes

Enable the transition from engineer-to-order to configure-to-order 

Enablers for 
Product Development

enablers for product development

Drivers for

Customers are increasingly demanding product personalization and configurability
Companies also are now facing constant pressure for lower development and operational costs.
Faster, better products can be created through synergistic product development relationships with customer inputs
More agile and faster product development cycles can effectively help companies quickly adapt to customers’ ever changing needs
In many industries today, there is an increasing necessity for enhanced data collection and traceability of the design process
Companies are seeking improved accuracy and repeatability from autonomous systems so that little to no human intervention is needed
To improve efficiency in the supply network, there is an increasing necessity for improved cross-functional collaboration
Faster time-to-market and greater product personalization create a demand for faster design and new product introduction processes