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Transform Your Manufacturing capabilities with Credexo

Credexo implements globally renowned ERP Cloud Solutions that enables increase in productivity and efficiency
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Industry Solutions - Distribution

Accelerating digital readiness for Distribution industries using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Credexo helps optimize your Distribution strategy, provides distributors with right set of tools
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Industry Solutions - Energy, Oil & Gas

Smart and innovative solutions for Energy, Oil & Gas industry

Credexo has expertise to build both upstream and midstream cost-effective and scalable solutions specifically for clients in Energy, Oil & Gas
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Cloud erp solutions

Credexo brings your Digital Vision to Life with our Capabilities & Services

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Credexo - Connecting Your business

Premier consulting and implementation partner for digital transformation

12+ Years of Manufacturing, Construction Industry Experience. Over 50,000 Hours of Consulting and Implementation Experience
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Solutions to connect your world

Finance and Operations
Consolidating operations and finance helps businesses to adapt to ever changing business scenarios and helps to adapt to new market by tweaking the solution to minimum and create an useful impact to the whole organization.
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Field Services

Versatile solutions such as Field service management and First Line Workforce offers unmatched and valuable benefits. Get proactive and predictive intelligence with IoT to achieve exceptional efficiency in operations and in your business outcomes.

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Success Stories

Houston Based Manufacturing Company
Houston Based Manufacturing Company


The company was facing difficulties in fulfilling customer's order demands. There were additional challenges such as loss in revenue, lack of Trace-ability of the Production Lifecycle and disconnected Operations & Account/Finance Mapping.



  • Increase in Revenue
  • Optimize Operational Cost
  • Increase Shopfloor worker’s productivity
  • Better Traceability of the Production Life Cycle and Sales and Production Orders



Credexo automated their warehouse processes to reduce operational costs. Now warehouse managers have better control - quality-control, picking operations, flexible workflow engine to respond to frequently changing business objectives.

CredERP: A Flagship Offering by Credexo
Using CredERP, we offer a collage of our individual offerings.
Client's Domain - Tech Services Oil Tools
Client's Domain - Tech Services Oil Tools


Client did not have any trace-ability of the drilling tools in terms of oil and safety regulations to ensure equipment safety.



  • Trace-ability and serialization - Full, forward and backward, IoT trace-ability to provide transparency

  • Cost-effectiveness and Added Security - Identify the source of contamination quickly to mitigate harm to the consumers. “Beginning to end,” shop floor manufacturing to field delivery, with equipment malfunction or failure issues. Prevention of contamination through preventative controls and trace-ability capabilities



Credexo added the trace-ability functionality that enables better documentation and also mitigates future financial tolls and other losses for a company. Further strict identity and access management protocols were enabled through user role permissions.


Capabilities & Services

Explore Capabilities & Services of Credexo:


Credexo's Business & Technology Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Organization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful, comprehensive tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Microsoft Dynamics 365 unites ERP, Power BI, Office 365, CRM, and the IoT into unified integrated solution.

Leverage Powerapps to make your Business Productivity Agile

Today’s businesses come up with lot of data, it becomes difficult to manage, access and get the required information. For example, if you are working on a excel worksheet loaded with data, it becomes frantic to go through entire worksheet repeatedly. 

Connected Businesses: Everything You Need To Know

As part of a larger plan to bring a business' cloud strategy to life, there's some question as to which project services software is best for businesses and their strategies. 

Secure your Mobile Apps Data with Cloud Services

In every organization, employees use different applications for multiple purposes and they exchange sensitive internal data on these applications.

Technology Solutions

Accelerate Today for a Better Tomorrow with "Cloud First" as a Strategy and Vision

Comprehensive Guide to Power BI

From interactive data to coherent insights, Power BI does it all. It turns your data sources into visually immersive, sharable information.

How Azure and the Cloud Work Together

Azure helps you collaborate with remote users and the Cloud allows you flexibility, safety from data loss, and more. Using both gives businesses a seamless, flexible alternative.

Digital Transformation Resources

Expert Advice on Digital Transformation from Experts at Credexo

Don't Let Your Cloud Strategy Hurt Your Business!

According to the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Study, 77% of enterprises have at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. An equal number expect cloud apps and platforms to speed up IT service delivery.


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Cloud ERP that scales with your business
Cloud ERP that scales with your business


Credexo provides quality and innovative Cloud ERP services


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP
Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP


Ensure global compliance and run operations in a smarter way 

Microsoft Field Service
Microsoft Field Service


Gain an overview of field agents by using Dynamics 365 for Field Service Solution. Credexo helps to improve your scheduling through automation and analysis, offer real-time guidance to help improve your technicians and optimise your processes.

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