Connected Field Services: Customer engagement that delights

An organization's willingness and preparedness towards digital excellence and differentiated performance has to be largely driven by the ideal of delivering seamless customer engagement and experience. Organizations need to make a shift from traditional transactional interactions to effective and integrated customer engagement throughout the customer, product and service life cycles, from acquisition to service. With the utilization of  hyper-connectivity and digitalization, organizations can not only drive lower cost to serve but also enhance predictability of customer needs, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and amplify lifetime customer value.

Realize the business benefits of Connected Field Services

Delight your customers by focusing far and beyond the the following:

Gain enhanced predictability of customer for customer satisfaction

Exercise real-time signal sensing, AI

for decision-making 

Migrate to predictive issue resolution for excellent customer engagement

 Empower first-line and higher-tier customer service representatives

Manage end-to-end customer service through proactive asset monitoring

Communicate with, engage and retain customers across multiple channels

Enablers for Connected Field Services

enablers for connected customers

Drivers for 

Real-time service tracking, along with clear communication to the customers, drives the value proposition beyond physical products
Cloud-based IOT tracking systems create a competitive advantage to hold internal and external stakeholders accountable
Customer feedback and response ratings drive improved effectiveness metrics across virtual channels to drive learning and reinforce the Self-Service component
Constant customer access through IOT, third-party customer data, and virtual channel/platforms will foster data-driven, personalized, self-serviced engagement
A more connected marketplace is demanding exceptional level of higher-productivity service and emphasizing first-time fix rates. This is becoming the new normal
Customers are shifting toward pay-as-you-go and consumption-driven pricing models, aimed at reduced service costs
Customers increasingly are expecting a hyper-now, hyper-custom experience; now being a part of the design, in the case of hyper-customized products
Increased competition coupled with low-switching costs further necessitate a shift towards the immediate need for personalization