Dynamic Fulfillment: Efficient, interconnected, and omnichannel

Delighting the customer is a deliverable that comes at a cost: the right product and service to the right customer or node at the right time and in the right quantity, quality and condition. The approach also has to entail the discipline of providing supply networks with the desired level of logistics visibility, responsiveness, scalability and flexibility by the application of empowering technologies and cross-functional collaboration. And that comes when organizations adopt an interconnected cross-enterprise system to achieve the capability of 'Dynamic fulfillment'. 

Realize the business benefits of Dynamic Fulfilment

Deliver extended visibility into your supply network by focusing far and beyond the the following enablers:

Achieve the optimal balance of cost, speed, and risk in business

Minimize the risk of gray market leakage/counterfeit ​product acceptance

Enhance accountability, enable targeted recalls, and protect brand equity

Confirm, aggregate, orchestrate, fulfill orders through multiple service points

Optimize efficiency, costs and reduce delivery times

Automatically transmit demand; supply; and other data signals

Enablers for

enablers for Dynamic Fulfillment

Drivers for

Increased ethical and environment concerns are driving increased focus on environmentally friendly transportation solutions
Innovators are pushing the boundaries of analytics and translating insight into a competitive differentiator and value drive
Increased legislation, regulation and industry standards define accountabilities and responsibilities across the supply network
An increased focus on the preservation of intellectual property, brand equity and managing supply network risks is required
With increasing cost pressure, the competitive markets interface today is striving to continuously reduce logistics costs
Customers have high expectations related to product availability and supply network responsiveness
The variability of demand and seasonality increases are putting pressure on warehouse operations
Labor shortages and attrition risk emphasize on the need for efficient and effective transportation operations