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    Purpose defined, People empowered, 
    Processes established & Profits delivered.

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. "- Seth Godin

The story of Credexo, making its way to where we are today, is made of valuable client stories, relationships that were and are being made for a lifetime, expectations, and the trust of one and all. Credexo drives its passion not only from its commitment to client relationships that delivers digital prowess but also from the origin of its name. 

Aptly named, the term ‘Credexo’ is a meaningful combination of the words, ‘Credentials’, ‘Expertise’, and ‘àl·to’. While the first two speak for themselves, the ‘O’ in CREDEXO denotes grandeur/height or as we like to call it – the symbolism that fuels us to take our client’s vision to the highest altitude possible. Credexo constantly strives to keep the spirit of excellence shining bright and deliver the best of its promises to the clientele in their journey for Digital transformation.

About Us

Sow, nurture, and harvest business transformation

Credexo is laser focused on helping customers make incremental shifts to their business for faster, better, smarter, and higher levels of performance. From start-ups to global giants, we’ve been privileged to help a wide range of clientèle realize their true digital vision. Our common values towards innovation targeting team empowerment is the secret sauce. 

Through our digital innovation factory, we constantly strive to imagine a better world for all of our existing customers and the prospective.  We enable all of them for enhancing their value proposition with digital experiences. Come join us in helping you and your customers to take advantage of the power of ‘digital’ and ‘people’ in infinite possibilities to help you ace your business goals and thrive to be the best in the industry.

Our Story

Shifted gears from core IT and HR integrations to crafting meaningful 'Digital experiences' transforming an organization into high performing cross-functional powerhouse

credexo timeline from 2009 to present
Credexo made way into the industry in 2009 as a service provider for IT and HR integration for organizations that wanted to enable their HR processes, drive the provisioning, governance, risk, and compliance across their information technology assets. 2010 ushered the 'Cloud' era, initially with Microsoft BPOS which then dovetailed into Office 365 or Microsoft 365, as we know it today. 

We responded to our customers' changing requirements to adopt this new cloud platform aka. Office 365. This new journey with our customers provided us with an eye-opening experience of the new possibilities that cloud, in general, would turn on for our customers. Following our customer's needs, our Azure solution architects soon realized the new mindset that our customers had to deal with, as they started to migrate the rest of their business applications to the cloud. 

A key takeaway that defines who we have become today is that, its cost-prohibitive to migrate a business application that was not built with cloud at its foundation. In 2016, inspired by the saying, "If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you", we started recommending an alternative route to customers. Dynamics 365 Business Applications which includes a comprehensive ERP, CRM, Field Services, and many other functional modules became a natural fit for our customers' needs. With native, ground-up support of cloud i.e. zero IT infrastructure, our customers saw an immediate value of our proposition. 

As of today, Credexo is now committed to delivering Digital experiences that are expertise-crafted to delight our customers.

Our Approach

Our approach is truly unique: Design thinking inspired redesign of your core operational processes. We believe in delivering expertise-infused tailored recommendations and work towards accomplishing unparalleled collaborations with our clientele. Our endeavor is to help them with digital preparedness to brace the changes of the future. Our recommendations for the right integrated business applications for cross-functional organizations is the secret sauce to your success along with our specially designed package to support end-to-end business processes.

Credexo has adopted the Digital capabilities model for Supply Networks to help clients envision and build digitally-enabled processes and functions that help transform their business operations. As part of our Digital experiences, we are focused on offering assets that help our client-partners achieve effective and integrated customer engagement throughout, from acquisition to service. Their approach to transformation is driven by the push to develop and manage products and services, with access to smart real-time data, advanced technologies and agile innovation.

We help clients enable a business’s strategy via planning and operational levers across the entire value network. They can then build the capability to source goods and services from leading suppliers at the best value while driving efficiencies in procurement operations, improving supplier relationships and mitigating risks. This eventually trickles down to the development of a highly responsive, adaptive, digitized and connected function integrated into the digital supply network that synchronizes all aspects of production and operations. As a result, our clients are able to build an interconnected cross-enterprise system with the desired level of logistics visibility, responsiveness, scalability and flexibility through the application of leading practices, empowering technologies and cross-functional collaboration.