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Build a resilient supply chain - Adapt to disruptions

Respond to today's rapidly changing world impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

Gain end to end visibility while being remote

Successfully adapt to disruptions to ensure business continuity during distress with visibility with data driven decisions

Learn how to build resilient supply chain

Analyze upstream and downstream impact

Measure the extent of Supply chain disruptions in real-time

Return to normal and ramp up faster

Return to normal and ramp up faster  to the agility of planning, sourcing and distribution processes with modern business solutions

Build agile business processes

Rapidly transform your business models and processes in view of the new challenging times that we are dealing with today.

Automate for agility

Achieve business continuity by automating processes so employees can continue to work remotely.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Innovate faster to solve challenges across any part of your  business.

Manufacturing industry trends

See how your peers have prepared to handle disruptions

For many industrial manufacturers, what was once a clear path to success is now fraught with uncertainty. Faced with a tightening regulatory environment, increased cost of mistakes, and increased incorporation of data via the industrial internet of things (IIoT), there is a higher price to pay if things go wrong.


of manufacturing companies surveyed said they are dramatically increasing their level of digitization


is committed per year towards smarter factories

> 55%

of global corporations are exploring new process automation opportunities

How do you stack up to this trend?

Drive business transformation and growth

Competitive edge is no longer based on product offerings alone. 

How will you address your goals for increased growth and profitability while maximizing operational effectiveness in these challenging economic times?
The world economy has seen major changes in the last two decades, as both industrial nations and emerging markets have been severely affected by economic shifts, technological advancements, and global consumer demand, along with fast-paced changes in technology.

We believe that moving to a modern CRM and business application platform can help you deliver on many of your top initiatives: 

Optimize operations
Keep your business processes synchronized, apply insights to customize service delivery, and develop relevant products and services.
Streamline asset management

Efficiently track values and reduce reporting errors with centralized, automated processes for managing your capitalized assets from acquisition through disposal.

Modernize business logistics

Optimize fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronizing logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes.

Popular designs

We've got designs that our customers love. Choose from timeless designs.

Unify business management

Accelerate by empowering

Explore scenarios for your customers, suppliers and employees

Integrated business management across finance, manufacturing and supply chain with built-in predictive analytics and intelligence to accelerate the speed of doing business

Robotic Process automation

Boost productivity

Automate manual processes

Eliminate manual processes by using integrated robotic process automation 'bots' or 'co-bots' on the production floor - including steps of order fulfillment, production, shipping and customer service processes

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Gain visibility

Make data-driven decisions

Gain visibility into your team’s performance and evaluate pipeline health with real-time analytic dashboards based on historical and predictive data.
Professional working on a computer

Extend existing capability

Innovate with modern platform

Extend existing applications, build new solutions, and integrate with other technologies on a flexible, scalable, and highly secure platform.

How we can help?

We understand that you may want to see some of this in action. For a guided tour of the modern business applications platform, we are offering multiple assessments and workshops to see it your self.

For qualified organizations, these resources are available at no additional charge.

Do I qualify?
Supply chain control
Business Impact Assessment 

Helping customers identify and respond to supply chain disruptions and bring down costs

Generating value with insights assessment

Assess variety of data sources and deliver business intelligence dashboard/s that provide real-time business insights to guide decision making and forecasting the future of the business to reman agile in the current economic situation.

Operations Optimization
Business Impact Assessment 

Reviews opportunities that leverages asset management to optimize the maintenance of mission critical equipments, warehouse management and processes along with distribution order management

Building agile business process workshop

Workshop provides a 1-on-1 working session to build a modern app or a automated solution that eliminates inefficiencies from a business process of your choice. 

Top industries we are helping transform

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