Cloud Intelligence based application: What is the need?


Tue, 4 Aug 2020

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Having been around for over two decades, by now you have most likely heard of the cloud or cloud intelligence based application. What you may not know however, is what is the need for it. 

Benefits of cloud intelligence based application


One of the crucial benefits of cloud intelligence based application is that it is flexible and easy to use. For example, for those needing extra bandwidth would traditionally mean an update to the IT infrastructure. However, with cloud intelligence, the changes are instantaneous. A 65% majority of respondents to an Information Week survey said the ability to quickly meet business demands was one of the most important reasons a business should move to a cloud environment.

Implementation Time Reduced

With business intelligence of the past, it was a process that consumed a lot of time. With the hiring of a professional(s) to set up everything and implement BI solutions, it was also expensive. With cloud intelligence based application, environment, licensing, and software is not something you must worry about and instead, you can concentrate on your company's business.


Keeping your data safe is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. According to Forbes:

In addition to providing much higher capacity at lower costs -- both capital and operational (organizations are saving 14% of their budgets as an outcome of public cloud adoption, according to Gartner) -- the cloud also gives businesses significant agility and flexibility, which are of great interest to most innovative enterprises today. 

You can implement access policy settings, prevent save as, restrict cut, copy, and paste, and allow multiple user identities.

Best of all, if there is faulty equipment, a natural disaster, or even theft - the cloud has all of your data stored safely - ready for you to retrieve it whenever you need. For instance, if your computer is no longer working, the data is there in the cloud and can be accessed as long as you have a computer and Internet connection.


The cloud gives you the complete control over allowing remote access. With almost 3 billion smartphones in use around the globe, cloud computing gives mobile access. This is perfect for remote workers, clients, employees who travel, freelance employees, co-workers, and more. Anyone, anywhere can access data, which cannot be done the traditional way. You can even look at your data while you are on vacation or just away from the office, which saves time and money. 

Cloud managed services allows collaboration with anyone and creates a team atmosphere where everyone who needs to be is in-the-know.


Let's face it, within your data is all you need to know about your business. From customer data to sales analytics, finding this data when you need it is important to save time on research and be able to act upon your findings in a swift manner. 

You are able to create custom reports, implement tracking mechanisms, analyze data, and create plans of action for your business.

Let's face it, there is a myriad of reasons why your organization needs cloud managed services. As well as everything mentioned, there is loss prevention, automatic software updates, a competitive edge, and sustainability - just to name a few of the advantages.

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