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Questions? Call us: 713.300.0523
Questions? Call us: 713.300.0523

About Us: A strategic change agent for your digital transformation.

Who we are!

A Digital Transformation Company with a mission to serve as a powerful change agent, we help clients reach peak performance through digital transformation.

Founded in 2009, Credexo is a Cloud Managed Services Provider that provides strategic consulting & managed services to our customers with a Cloud First, Mobile First mindset. 

We are a digital transformational company, head quartered in Houston, Texas, USA, and our developemental office is also in Hyderabad, India.

We are positive and productive people with an aligned vision to provide thought leadership in accelerating your business practices for a better tomorrow.

We don't discriminate and neither we are bias in educating you, providing you a holistic solution for your business need. 

Digital transformation company: Credexo

What we do- Our core values

We practice what we preach - We testsall our processes, services, solutions and products. We embrace our solutions, exercise and apply all practices relevant to your business growth - because we have been there ourselves and experienced  business growth through digital transformation. 


Our culture is made up of positivity - we believe in all our our staff, recognize them, empower them, and develop them to be your expert digital transformational advisors.


Our expert advisors are trained on various technologies from various vendors and providers - to be your expert advisors.


We believe in thought and transformational leadership, and thus we are visionary and innovative in our approach.


We embrace the cloud services, cloud technologies, and cloud platform to help transform your business so that you become the leader in your respective industry.


Our services are about solution seeking and problem solving. We get out of our comfort zone to ensure that we meet or beat your expectations!


Where we are today is because of our customers and clients! Our customers are our partners in growing together! We can't grow unless you grow - this is our mission.