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Credexo provides Cloud ERP Solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Business Central
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A decade of creating difference and adding values to customers

Credexo is a provider of Cloud ERP Solutions with a vertical focus on the needs of Manufacturing, Distribution & Oil & Gas industries.

Since 2009, we have provided our clients with practical solutions to business problems. Our solutions leverage the power of the 3 Clouds combined with Internet of Things (IoT) to tap its unlimited potential to create a connected world. Connecting what matters, helps manufacturers optimize inventory levels, improve production, product quality & customer experience that drives the creation of profitable & innovative business models.

Our 3-Cloud strategy (Dynamics 365 Cloud, Azure Cloud & Office 365 Cloud) based solutions make certain that your company stays ahead of the crowd. In today's market, no business can afford to play catch-up. It’s not a thing of the future, it’s a necessity for any business that wishes to stay competitive and thrive financially.

Take advantage of our proven expertise in business value realization, app modernization, multi-cloud strategy, and AI cloud intelligence for your digital transformation journey 

Partner with us to connect your business together.

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What Makes a Well-Architected Framework?


High Customer Satisfaction Index


Over a decade of High YoY Growth


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8 Years in Microsoft Partnership Circle

Credentials + Expertise = Credexo

Credexo is your Premium Digital Transformation Partner that will help you build and run a sustainable business.

Credexo helps "Connect Your Business", literally. We let our esteemed clients list speak for us. Connect with us for  Free Assessment and Demo.



We provide Cloud ERP solutions. Connect with us for a Free Assessment/Demo

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