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Sun, 12 Jul 2020

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The ultimate approach to transforming your field service functions from a cost centre to a profit centre is via the empowerment of your field service workforce.

89% of service decision-makers are of the opinion that the experience a customer has with a technician is the direct reflection of a brand.

Would you agree that your organization processes its field services functions by the above sentiment? Or is it set in ways where updating the resource i.e. the average Field service technician's skills is not a crucial concern?

There are field service organizations that continue to think of field service technician and engineers as business compulsions rather than business enablers. With field service training and certifications highly overlooked, they continue to work the old school way. This thought process and the approach thereof is costing such organizations the earning potential opportunities that they haven’t even anticipated. While they may be concerned about their aging workforce and the demographic shift, the sheer failure to abandon the legacy setup is keeping them from filling the gaps. 

If yours is one such organization, here are the signs you need to be on a lookout for:

Shortage of 'latest know-how' industry skilled technicians

Positions for retired seasoned technicians remain unfulfilled

Failure to attract new field service talent

Expectations of ‘tech-savvy talent served on a platter’

Lack of training and certification culture

Skill gaps for existing workforce go unfulfilled

Lack of perspective on new field services technology 

If your organization is still working with the red flags mentioned above, they need to know this: Field technicians must have access to the updated industry knowledge for working with latest products and processes. By providing them the rightful training and certification modules, you can empower these technicians to become the brand ambassadors for your field services business and the best sales representative that there can ever be. 

Capable and enabled field service workforce orchestrates enhanced productivity and optimum cross-selling and upselling capabilities. 

Why training and certifying your Field service technician is crucial?

An efficient and updated field service technician equals increased revenue for your business. By enabling them with the skills and technology that turns their field job interactions with the customers into a positive engagement every time, you are taking a step ahead to transforming your revenue streams.

a field service technician holding tools

Different types of work orders require different skill sets, certifications, and knowledge to effectively complete. 

Here are some benefits offered by field service technician training/certification tracking:

  • Lets organizations match work orders by job skills
  • Certification expiration alerts help with skill upgrade
  • Tracking ensures that training/certification has been completed
  • Automated Skill Tag Matching can be seamlessly enabled

It is more than just an obligation to identify the skills to assign jobs that best fit the capabilities of each of your technicians. They all come with diverse work experiences, have specific field related skill sets, and will be assigned to varied jobs on the field. Hence, they will need suitable and differentiated training and certification to strengthen what they already work with.

Here’s the plan of action if you think integrated Resource skills and certification tracking is the right move for your field service business: 

Training modules and Skill Certifications

They enable new technicians by guiding them to troubleshoot 

equipment, run diagnostics, replace virtual parts, and test the 

machine with remote access as well as in-person.

Train with technology

Getting equipped with the latest industrial technology provides 

real-time visualization and prescriptive guidance to trainees and transforms them into skilled field engineers.

Remote learning/training

Training via remote or mobile resources can cut costs and save time by having technicians train on highly complex equipment without having 

to fly or drive somewhere to perform the training

Tribal knowledge

Enabling the new workforce with tribal knowledge so that they are able

to build strong foundations that have continued to work wonders for 

the organization's success in the field service

While technology-oriented training for your field technicians is the need of the hour, so is the need for reinventing the wheel when it comes to updating their certifications as and when they expire. 

The goal behind the implementation of integrated training and certification is to empower your Field service technician with the knowledge, training, and certification that enables them to approach all field jobs with the first time-right-fix determination. They should be equipped and trained to accomplish repairs across different machines or functions, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction for all your disparate installations. 

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