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Team Credexo


Know the Thought Leaders and Experts in ERP who built the best provider of Cloud ERP Solutions...Credexo


Team Credexo has helped transform multiple businesses. Connect with us to know more !

Credexo Leadership

Jameel Syed | Founder & CEO

As the Founder and CEO of Credexo, Jameel empowers customers to "Manage Risks with Smarter Decisions & Connected Operations".

He has a strong background in Manufacturing, Retail, Construction and Healthcare industries with intimate familiarity with their challenges and opportunities of transformational change.

Jameel holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston - Clearlake and he is an expert in Digital Transformation with strong focus on Cloud.

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Kashan Ishaq | Cloud Advisor (Digital Strategist)

Kashan Ishaq is Cloud Advisor (Digital Strategist) ,Project manager, Ph.D holder in Organizational Leadership - with strong leadership and training background and 14+ years of diverse experience in Business and Institution Improvement, Digital Transformation, Business Process Improvement, Staff Development, Adult Training, Curriculum Development, Project Management, Organizational Development, Teaching and School Administration.

He has proven ability to successfully handle Cloud Transformation projects, expertise in ERP and cross industry experience.

Kashan has a track record of delivering results in an extremely fast-paced and challenging environment to support aggressive sales, business revenues, optimize costs, increase proficiency, productivity.


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