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Weatherproof your Accounting Systems from Hurricanes

Do you remember 17th August 2017? The Day when one of the most powerful hurricane hit south central US region. It was Hurricane Harvey. It affected the life of every person in many ways. For the corporate sector, several companies lost their data which they were hosting it on-premises. Companies lost their Emails and other valuable and sensitive information which cost them very badly. They lost their accounting information as most of the companies save their records on-premises systems.  

So, have you prepared for the hurricane season this year?  Have you weatherproofed your accounting system? If no, here is the solution which Credexo Inc. provides.

Flaws and risk in having your data on-premises during the hurricane season:

When we talk about accounting system for organizations, QuickBooks Desktop is one of the best software to accomplish your goals. Now we’ll talk about the flaws and risks if you are using it on your local workstation. Here are some challenges that you are going to face:

  • You won’t have access when there is no electricity.
  • Your workstation can be affected or damaged by hurricane.
  • Due to bad weather, Internet connectivity is affected so you can’t use all the features.

How cloud adoption helps you to weatherproof your system:

Adopting cloud can help you to overcome several challenges during the period of Hurricanes. You can install the Quickbooks Desktop in the cloud machine and easily migrate your existing data there. You can easily backup your data. In this situation, Virtual Desktop is the best option to choose. Why? Here are some cool features of Virtual Desktop which will help to protect your data:

  • You don’t need to maintain any physical server.
  • Virtual Desktop client can be accessible from any device like laptop mobile devices or tablets. So even if there is no electricity you can access your machine through mobile devices.
  • You can create as many as instances at a time, so more than one users can use Quickbooks.

So lets be proactive in this season by adopting cloud and weather proof your business from hurricanes.

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