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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Organization

Moving to the cloud is an absolute must in order to stay ahead of the competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful, comprehensive tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that is a straightforward, easy-to-learn cloud-based solution. Indeed, Microsoft Dynamics 365 unites ERP, Power BI, Office 365, CRM, and the IoT into unified integrated solution.

Cloud-based Solutions for Enhanced Performance

As your cloud-based ERP solution, the operations segment of the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition contains the seventh generation Dynamics AX tool, which is a popular standard application. In addition, the regular finance, logistics, production, sales, and purchasing software come with the package.

This offers your organization smarter solutions that enable you to focus on networked processes for finance, distribution, sales and marketing, and customer service. The result is enhanced new production and the capability to fulfill rising customer expectations.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your staff with inclusive product and customer data to facilitate customized services. Your organization offers more compelling customer experiences at all the touchpoints you strive to reach.

You also improve corporate performance with the utilization of real-time insights into your figures and assessments. Each department has access to strategic, data-based intelligence for greater productivity and performance.


All organizations must monitor property and assets accounting, budgets and forecasting, and claims and liabilities to improve cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 acts as a hub for all of these activities. It provides easy access to key data across the organization, from the accountant to the CFO, through role-based dashboards.

Budget planning is simplified by providing your staff with powerful tools. You can easily set up worksheet templates within Microsoft Excel, and automatically link budget plans to statements, worksheets, and data attachments, which are then forwarded effortlessly.

With the launch of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has integrated machine learning to finance and operations in a commanding way. They have accomplished this two ways:

  1. Utilizing Recommendation API derived from cognitive services. This is accomplished through a variety of components such as Azure Data Factory, Hive scripts, Blob Storage, and other security components.
  2. Leveraging Azure Machine learning web services along with Cortana to automate and simplify the complex manual process of forecasting demands, such as finance, budgeting, or supply chain management.

In addition, Microsoft has integrated Cortana and other related products within its other Dynamics 365 product portfolio. In sales and marketing components, Dynamics 365 can be leveraged for cross-selling, lead generation, up-selling capabilities, marketing, and customer retention.

Machine Learning and Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is machine learning? It is an advanced technology that provides the ability to computers to observe data and draw conclusions from those observations. This varies from traditional software programming in which steps and outcomes remain fixed.

Microsoft has been developing multiple initiatives in machine learning throughout an array of product lines.

The Microsoft Cortana intelligence suite represents a compilation of technologies for big data storage, information management, analytics, data visualization, and machine learning.

The Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs serve as a collection of several machine learning APIS, which Microsoft Azure makes available for a wide array of applications. These APIs abridge the process by simplifying the complex machine learning models so users may focus on practical business problems and resolutions.

As noted above, embracing the cloud is now a top priority for strategic planning. In order to continually hone your competitive edge, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers your organization that capability with straightforward, easy-to-learn functionalities.


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