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Identity in an end-to-end cloud story

A successful end-to-end cloud story compliments a successful identity management solution which leverages business technology application investments. Business leaders need to be proactive in ensuring that the effective business, technology and security policies are in place and enforced to protect the enterprise identities and protecting the digital assets.

Identity Strategy

The Identity strategy should be used to reevaluate and redesign processes and workflows and certain measures can take place to identify opportunities for automation and correct control deficiencies..

An Identity strategy can enable you to overcome challenges like

  • Improving Operational Efficiency (Data/application availability, permissions, password resets)
  • Reducing Security Risks (A good percentage of users recycle old passwords while others still writing them down)
  • Meeting Regulation Requirements (Implementing business process/policies to meet regulations)
  • Enabling Business Objectives (Improving relations with partners/customers and driving business decisions closer to LBDM’s)
Business strategy pinpoints:

–   Understanding the objectives of the Identity Management solution

–   Understanding the success criteria alongside which initiatives will be measured

–   Overall business benefits anticipated, such as enhanced process, improved service delivery and productivity and cost reduction

–   Inherent risks of the strategy, which are often related to reengineering the business processes that requires organizational changes (culturally and politically)

–   Cross-organizational cooperation to implement the strategy

–   Multi-Factor Authentication due to security requirements

–   Application Integration

–   Analytics

–   Reporting


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