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Fiber that connects business applications

Connectors are an integral part of the various applications when creating logic apps. Using these connectors, you can really expand your on-premises and cloud applications to do various tasks with data that you obtain, and data you own. The connectors are available in the following categories:

  • Standard connectors: Automatically available and included when you use logic apps. Some examples include Service Bus, Power BI, Oracle Database, OneDrive, and many more.
  • Integration account connectors: Available when you purchase an integration account. Using these connectors, you can transform and validate business-to-business processes and messages in the cloud platform.

There are various connectors across the cloud and on-premises to quickly integrate services and protocols. A logic app begins with a trigger (when an account is added to CRM) and after firing can begin many combinations of actions, conversions, and condition logic.

So you must wonder why Logic Apps??

Here are the advantages of using Logic Apps:

  • Saving time by designing complex processes using easy to understand design tools
  • Implementing patterns and workflows seamlessly, that would otherwise be difficult to implement in code
  • Getting started quickly from templates
  • Customizing your logic app with your own custom APIs, code, and actions
  • Connect and synchronise disparate systems across on-premises and the cloud
  • Build off of BizTalk server, API Management, Azure Functions, and Azure Service Bus with first-class integration support

In conclusion, Logic Apps is a fully managed iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) allowing developers not to have to worry about building hosting, scalability, availability and management. Logic Apps will scale up automatically to meet demand.

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