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Ideas worth spreading

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Elevate Your Digital Data with Power BI

We are living in digital world

In these days where everything has been recorded digitally, you may have a lot of digital data without even you realize it. This data can be in a form of daily transaction, IoT device log, customer info or even the data of your CCTV recording of your customers. This data can be a gold mine waiting to be harvested to show your business performance or for planning your future operations.


How can I make a use of my data you may ask?

It is hard to understand data if you are just looking at the raw data as it is collected. The data need to be refined, filtered and organized in such a way where it can help you strategize your business decision. There are so many tools out there that can be used to help you make use of your data. As of this blog created, Microsoft has Power BI and Office 365 Analytics and Intelligence to help you with your data.

Office 365 Power BI

One important aspect of reading your data is to visualize your data in an easy manner to understand and this is what Power BI will do for you. It allows you to visualize your data in a graphical manner with multiple combinations of filter and context and color coding to help in understanding the current trend of your data quickly. It can show you in real time your business performance. The visualization of the data can be in terms of your current customer support performance. There are a lot of other data that is just sitting idle which can be used.

Customer info is one of the  simple data that most of business will have but rarely used for analyzing and improving their business. You can use the info to get to know who’s your audience/customers utilize the most. From there you can start figuring out what can be improved/changed if the graph does not show good performance or enable you to learn what has been done for the better improvement. You can do a lot of useful analysis by having this visibility created by the graph. Not all raw data can be easily used by Power BI directly. If the raw data is in a manner that is not organized, there are tools that you can help you to organize it automatically.

Office 365 Analytics and Intelligence

Office 365 Analytics and Intelligence can help in organize your data and work together with Power BI for the visualization of the data. This tool integrates with Excel in the cloud to save you time by focusing on what matters most to your business. You can even use this tool to gain data-driven insight on your team’s personal productivity. Using Office 365 Analytics and Intelligence combine with Power BI,, you can automate a lot of data insight that you may not realize have access to and make it useful to improve your business.

Sharing it with your teams

The graphical data that you have access will be more effective if you can share it with people that need to see it easily. Office 365 Analytics offer integration of Power BI with SharePoint Online, publish report to excel, and other share methods.

Power BI provides Power BI mobile app, Integration with Cortana (AI service from Microsoft similar to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistance), Real Time update view and other way. Power BI mobile app allows you to access and interact to your graphical data from your mobile device. With Cortana integration, you can search the graph directly from your Windows 10 search bar. The standard approach where you have big monitors in your office and showing the real time graphical result of current activity is available too.

What’s next?

If somehow you don't have any digital data and everything is still using paper and traditional phone call, you can start by looking what benefit you can get from the cloud on this post and without you realizing it you will have a lot of digital data ready for you to analyze and improve your performance once you use cloud service.

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