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Connected Businesses: Everything You Need To Know

As part of a larger plan to bring a business' cloud strategy to life, there's some question as to which project services software is best for businesses and their strategies. Let's take a look at some of the more popular software providers for managed services in order to understand why dedicated cloud managed services are, ultimately, the best choice for any business.

What Is Project Service Automation?

The ultimate goal of project service automation is to allow people, businesses, and technology to all come together and deliver on-time, on-budget, professional engagements. As the 21st Century continues to advance upon us, and as our need to be inter- and intra-connected increases, our need to have efficient project service automation increases in kind, as well. In discrete manufacturing, especially, having project service automation helps with inventory and its upkeep.

MS Dynamics 365: How It Works & How It Helps

For businesses that send field service technicians out to take care of service calls, field service automated software is not only recommended, but it's also required. Automated field service software, according to CRM Dynamics, "empowers companies to improve customer satisfaction, first-time fix rates, and resource productivity."

That, however, is where MS Dynamics 365 comes in. By allowing its users to create work orders specific for each customer and his/her needs, MS Dynamics 365 is designed to maintain the flow of work. This program also allows for accountability between the technician, the customer, and the company.

Additionally, MS Dynamics 365 allows companies to do inter-office automation, such as technician scheduling. The dispatcher, who is in charge of all the field service technicians and their respective "dispatches," can also keep control of the workflow and, periodically, check in with the field service technicians to keep them accountable for their work.

Finally, in keeping up with the increased presence of mobile technology, MS Dynamics 365 has a field service mobile application, which plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the software.

A full breakdown of how MS Dynamics 365 works, in a step-by-step format, can be found here.

MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Another popular entry into the Dynamics 365 line of software, MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is designed, specifically, for enterprise resource planning (ERP) purposes. Designed for medium- to large-sized businesses, MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is designed to help the user keep track of their core business processes (such as tracking business resources, like petty cash, raw materials, and in some cases, inventories) in real-time.

Microsoft's website specifically states that there are three specific options for deployment of this software. The first option is the cloud (which is the preferred method for businesses that want to maintain a cloud-based strategy with running their business). A second option is a hybrid option that's a part cloud, part Edge solution, which combines a central, off-site cloud node with a set of localized application services and localized business data stored on-site. The third, and final, option (which is not the most recommended option, especially for discrete manufacturing businesses that are mid- to large-sized) is one that is strictly localized and focused on the on-site data storage and business processes.

Other Dynamics 365 Products: Business Central and Product Service Automation

There are also other software programs in the Dynamics 365 portfolio that have proven to be beneficial for businesses in discrete manufacturing -- namely, the Business Central and the Project Service Automation software suites.

Business Central is a more comprehensive software suite and provides the user with an "end-to-end" view of their business. Business Central allows discrete manufacturing firms to manage their financials, automate and secure the supply chain, and sell smarter while improving customer service. It does all this by providing an all-in-one solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. It helps to keep projects on time and on the budget and allows for process optimization.

Project Service Automation, meanwhile, also proposed to be a comprehensive software suite. However, this solution is designed to provide the opportunity for project managers to collaborate on projects. Additionally, for those who are looking for professional services automation, the app links perfectly to Microsoft Project. This allows for project managers to improve their project planning, at all the stages, and provides scheduling and management strength.

Why Use Credexo Instead?

While Microsoft products are, without a doubt, some of the best-known in the industry, there are several benefits for companies to use Credexo cloud-based strategy solutions, instead.
  • We are an official Microsoft partner. In addition to being partners with IngramMicro, our official partnership with Microsoft allows you and your company to empower your business with the Microsoft Cloud.
  • We take a holistic approach to your digital vision. In addition to providing your company with cloud-based strategy solutions, we offer a variety of services in everything your business could need -- from applications and infrastructure, to "big data" and artificial intelligence. In our company's view, a business that takes a holistic approach to their computing solutions finds greater success than those who do not.
  • We help you create new revenue streams, improve your customer experience, automate your business processes to optimize them, and ultimately protect your digital assets. These are all things that businesses can most especially benefit growing businesses that can benefit from these type of services.
And these are just a few of the many ways that Credexo can help you. For more information about us, and our services, contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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