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Cloud Readiness: Change can be painful

Cloud Readiness: Adapt to Change

The first step to cloud readiness is transforming a culture of “Adapt to Change” and it doesn’t happen overnight! Building a culture of adapt to change requires a need for continuous extrinsic and intrinsic motivational performance objectives set for your organization by your change agents. Human beings tend to get in their comfort zone if they are not provided with the performance based road maps. Changing the attitude of the people first is highly needed even if they are stubborn and arrogant, it would take some time; however, it is all possible and it is a process with consistent and sincere efforts as change agents needed on the part of the leadership.

Cloud readiness doesn’t mean you have the bits and pieces of cloud adoption methodology implemented and part of DevOps implemented; there is a strong need for having end-to-end vision for the purpose of creating a cloud readiness assessment & adoption process, and DevOps environment and culture where you must become the role model at first in the process of transforming an entire culture.


Some organization’s IT and Business operations still do not have the source control implemented. Their idea of source control is copying the file and dating it. They have yet to adopt a basic understanding and concept of DevOps. There is no adoption of unit testing, they don’t have the right tools, and there is no process of continuous integration to take place.

Solutions are Inevitable

Cloud readiness in terms of people, process and technology is the way to ensure that your organization is cloud ready. In general, Business, People, and Governance Perspectives focus on business capabilities, and the Platform, Security and Operations Perspectives focus on technical capabilities. Let me give you a short-synopsis below; however, realistically there are 8 perspectives to cloud adoption which are: Business, Platform, Maturity, People, Process, Security, and Operating Perspective. These perspectives require a deep SWOT analysis by your leadership team prior to proceeding towards a cloud adoption process. Let me briefly highlight over People, Process and Technology in a nut-shell (Cloud Readiness and Adoption 101):


Provides guidance for stakeholders for people development, training, and communications. They help stakeholders understand how to update the staff skills and organizational processes they will use to optimize and maintain their workforce and ensure competencies are in place effectively. The key is to identify people who are willing to change, empower them and involve them prior to finalizing the steps towards the cloud adoption.

Key Questions: Are your people (as in key cloud team) - are they ready? Do they have the necessary skills and training to add value in the process of adapting to cloud?


Process must be established and to understand how people do business, the impact of cloud and asking whether a client's process would allow the use of cloud technologies or whether cloud technologies improve their process.


Key Questions: Have you considered building a DevOps Culture first? Do you have the understanding of the client's existing infrastructure and technical requirements?


The technical portion of a cloud readiness assessment involves understanding the client's existing infrastructure and technical requirements.

Quantitative analysis vs. Qualitative analysis: It requires taking into account the cost, length of time and difficulty of moving a workload and qualitative analysis which requires identifying the benefits of being in the cloud - to determine which workloads to move first.

Key Questions: Have you done a critical vs non-critical analysis of the Line of Business applications (LOBs) for their technical fit vs. business fit? Which workloads to move first based upon technical fit vs. business fit?

In conclusion, failure to understand the client's business and operational processes, as well as their appetite for change, can complete or destroy a cloud readiness and pre-migration story.

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