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Build a Dev-Ops Culture

Is your company capturing an opportunity at the right time?

Loss of consumer confidence, businesses' financial loss, driving away venture capitalists and damaging of the brand are only possible when the business leaders are clueless about building and enforcing a DevOps culture - establishing agile systems and automated processes while leveraging cloud platforms. You must be wondering why leveraging cloud platforms is highly needed at this point? It is needed for continuous code integration (code + configuration of files) and alignment of source code systems or if re-alignment of code and config files are needed whether in the development, integration, or staged environment; Azure or AWS retrieve those files, builds the necessary code for continuous integration where ever integration was left behind in the most agile and clean process. Finally, putting together a possible DevOps team who can ensure that all cross-functional teams are working collaboratively towards a shared goal.  

Blame game begins specially between the operations, product management and the development management team due to not having the agile and transparent automated systems established when it comes to not only the development of the web applications, software, (modifications of code and configuration of files), etc. but also to bring that particular product in the market quickly enough for the consumers to sustain their confidence in the brand.

Business leaders often fail to consider building a DevOps culture because they are not well-informed of the processes to leverage leading cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure, which ultimately integrates source code system to process quickly from the development environment to the production environment in an agile and efficient manner.

Cloud platforms can be leveraged to minimize the delay due to the human elements which are prone to make things difficult to process which negatively impacts the user experience leading to missed opportunities in capturing the market at the right time. Cloud platforms make things not only agile but also brings transparency for the development team and operations team to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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