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Ideas worth spreading

Accelerate today for a better tomorrow with the power of cloud

Automate the Automation

Post-modernistic approach to automation enables you to plan strategically and visionary, in transforming the systems and processes - changing the way how things are operated today specially in the world of technologies. Why containers are still not doing what we would really like them to do in terms of its full impact? Docker has been designed in a way that it can be incorporated into most DevOps applications, including Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, and Ansible, or it can be used on its own to establish and manage development environments. Yes, they do simplify many of the tasks typically done by these applications; however, we haven’t figured out the final answer yet!

It is troubling to witness the preparation for Demos and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) regarding systems integrations which often takes a longtime in setting it up, and of course the process to set it up is not intuitive enough. For example, setting up a demo for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), it may run forever and the set up takes longer than ever.

Game Changer

So, the next big thing which can be the game changer, where the thought leaders in the industry need to be striving for is automating the automation itself. For example, a user can right-click on items and see the entire pipeline created for continuous integration. Generators (Yeoman, Express, etc.) and other similar plug-ins can be leveraged to run the scripts, all you would have to do is right-click on the items and visualize the entire pipeline which is created for you end-to-end. You can write a quick command line using Yo-generators or similar generators and see the magic happens automatically. This is visionary for the DevOps team, and C-Level executives to be strategically planning and moving forward! You don’t have to worry about any script (.js, etc.) based applications that are going to Azure, AWS or other cloud platforms, you can simply click the checkbox and anticipate continuous integration.

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