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Industry Solutions - Distribution


Improve your operational costs and get a much better visibility into your Distribution, Supply Chain Management using Smart solutions

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Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Distribution Strategy has to be at optimum when it comes to facing and dealing with everyday challenges of balancing the supply and demand. Distributors must be equipped with right set of solutions and tools to anticipate the frequent challenges. At the same time, these solutions should help grab the new opportunities, scale up the operations, provide great customer service and order fulfillment etc. Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits the requirements for Distribution companies and provides solutions to all the challenges.
Credexo, with it's decade plus of experience in the industry and multiple technology expertise supports you in each and every aspect of distribution with adjoining components such as order entry, fully integrated financials, monitoring, reporting and analysis and many such features.

Credexo and Distribution Services


Promotions and Pricing

Get the insights to manage, apply your promotions and keep prices accurately. Credexo helps you build revenue optimizing prices using the real time analytics and effective campaigns. You can create customized campaigns to suit different customers.



Efficient Inventory Management

Effectively manage stocks, realize best of the profit margins, and get an accurate reporting. We help you identify successful pricing strategies while you can re-consider the resources that are holding back your profitability and productivity. Actively manage your inventory.



Performance Efficiency

Easily access a centralized and 360-degree view of customer data to equip your frontline employees with the information they need to deliver an optimized customer experience





Great Profit Margins

Apply customer centric strategies, combined with better forecasting and streamlined processes to unlock the profit margins. Align your IT systems and Distribution landscape to respond to changes in market in no time to attain great profit margins and boost your credibility



Real Time Visibility

We enable you to have a real time visibility into your services and value chain with an integrated set of KPI’s and easy financial reporting, leading to better-informed decisions within the deadline. Match your customer's expectations with accurate order processing and delivery

Credexo's Approach For Distribution


Credexo implements Distribution solutions using Microsoft Business Central (formerly Microsoft NAV) that helps improve your Distribution strategy, improve performance of your teams, enables access to real time analytics and enables smart decision making processes


We help clients by giving real time insights right from order capture to mid level processes and inventory management and replenishment that ultimately leads to reduction in other redundant activities. Among many other benefits, Credexo with it's expertise helps to:

  • Simplify purchase, receiving processes
  • Automate critical business processes
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Profitability analysis
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Informed purchasing decisions
  • Improved customer service
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Warehouse management and many more...

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