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Need for ERP assessment

With the ever changing technology scenario and the crucial dependency on businesses to deliver, it is inevitable to have an efficient ERP System at place.
At Credexo, we believe that there is always the best way of connecting your business. With our modeled ERP Assessment with well defined parameters and our expertise in Microsoft ERP Solutions, we help you ascertain whether the current ERP in your organization is giving you best of the results.
In case there there is a need for an upgrade, we work out a customized and personalized strategy suited to your needs and exisiting ERP landscape and IT environment.
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What Makes a Good ERP System ?


Easily Integration to Exisitng IT Landscape

Using computing resources efficiently to meet requirements and and maintain efficiency as demand and technology evolves

Implementation Partner

Credexo as you premier implementation Partner enables access to the recent state of the methodoligies and frameworks to implement the soltuion in your organization

Experience and Expertise

At Credexo, we bring in combined technology and industry experience of 100+ years.


Why is ERP assessment important ?

ERP has the potential to make or break you business continuity. An ERP system not effectively implemented and without a proper business strategy and design is bound to surprise you with a broken system and you will have to turn to traditional methods to run the business until your ERP system is back.

  • Every organization's IT landscape is unique in it's own ways
  • Always a scope to improve the solutions with best practices
  • Credexo holds deep domain expertise and implementation experience
  • Organization and systems take time to respond to ERP
  • Understanding Client Journey or the way to do business is important

Leverage Credexo's POV on Connected Business and ERP assessment

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