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Credexo puts 'Data' at the core

Data has never been so important earlier and any organization that doesn't unlock the underlying potential in data is losing out on new avenues of business.

The advent of new technology and solutions and a design focused approach of business keeps the usage of data at a pedestal and hence the need to use right set of tools and the perfect consulting and implementation partner.

Credexo with it's years of experience in implementing Microsoft solutions and expertise in data assures to help you leverage your organization's data into new avenues.

Transforming the data into useful  business insights requires expertise and experience in handling crucial data points. We share your mission and vision to tap the potential of data using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite of Solutions.

  • Integrate data across the enterprise
  • Manage your data efficiently
  • Intelligent services on cloud
  • Optimum data security and quality
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Microsoft’s on-demand infrastructure StorSimple is a productive, cost effective, adequate and easily manageable

Storage Area Network that not only increases operational efficiency but also reduces number of administrator hours but also leads to 40-60% reduction in storage costs

At Credexo we ensure that you achieve cost reduction and optimization of cloud resources both at equivalent efficiency.

Consolidate your infrastructure using StorSimple.

  • Consolidated infrastructure
  • Automated data management
  • Improved data compliance
  • Increased security and easy disaster recovery
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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services are several SDKs and APIs, and other services to build innovative applications

Leveraging Machine Learning, you can add capabilities such as speech recognition, vision recognition, language understanding etc. 

We aim to enable clients to develop applications that can understand and hear human languages and the way humans interact. We help to expand your business on the current portfolio and add value to your business using emerging solutions.

Credexo has the expertise and experience in the 5 main pillars of Cognitive Services - Speech, Language, Vision, Knowledge and Search.

  • Speech recognition and customization
  • Dynamic response features
  • Language understanding services
  • Enhanced voice interactions
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Drive Digital Transformation using the power of Connected Devices. In this age of rapid technology advancement, it is important to have a clearly defined vision for Cloud Onboarding. We can help you perform a thorough assessment of your existing state on premise or in cloud and help you with the right strategy for your specific requirements at hand.

Gain useful business insights from your Connected Devices. Explore new business opportunities using IoT solutions for specific industries.

Explore endless possibilities using Microsoft Azure IoT.

  • IoT on cloud
  • Intelligent insights from connected devices
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring features
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Organizations across the globe focus on getting smarter insights into their business. However, these insights do not prove to be much useful when these are represented without any visualization. 

Power BI from Microsoft helps you build on your Business Intelligence. You can create informative data dashboards and visualizations in minutes.

  • Visually appealing insights
  • Turn data to view opportunities/gaps
  • Real time dashboards
  • Actionable insights
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Data at the Core is our in-built methodology to help you tap the real potential of your organization data.

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