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Customers 'First'

Digital transformation of businesses can be easily achieved with highly adaptable Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Services. Generating leads for sales and tracking the lead is a crucial task and a process to grow the business.

In the ever changing technology and customer scenario, it's vital that each customer gets the personalized attention of the Sales and Business Development Team.

Microsoft Dynamics suite of solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) enable Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Departments to provide a focused service to the clients over cloud.

With lots of capabilities, the solutions can be used to improve collaboration, automate business processes and accessibility. 

Credexo provides consulting and implementation services on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and assists the clients in configuration and deployment. Based on our engagement model, we also provide with additional support and training required. 

  • Built in intelligence
  • Effortless customer service on cloud
  • Device and channel agnostic access
  • Personalized services for individual customers
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Credexo implements solutions in Dynamics 365 for Sales. This device agnostic solutions helps you build strong customer relationships by enabling actions based on insights and ultimately helps to close the sales faster.

Connect with us now to get a free assessment on your sales lead to closure landscape and understand how you can optimize the unused resources to increase your business.

  • AI driven embedded insights
  • Authentic personalized engagement
  • Smart selling solutions
  • Improved sales performance
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Credexo implements cloud based marketing solutions that helps to guide and manage customer's along the journey for marketing solutions. 

We enable seamless customer experience with connected solutions and tools.

Reinvent your marketing solutions and marketing strategy with Credexo and solutions suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Make Smarter and Insightful Decisions by connecting your Sales and Marketing with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • Align marketing and sales for better decisions
  • Automate processes
  • Become sales ready with personalized experiences
  • Innovate and improve your marketing ROI
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With Dynamics 365 customer service you can deliver quality and effortless customer service. It enables to differentiate your offerings by a prompt built-in-intelligence algorithm and personalised service for customers.

 We list down business processes and help you present 360-degree view of the customer, features such as history of interactions, customer information and user preferences etc.



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  • Pre-defined service processes
  • Relevant and pro active
  • Transform customer support offering
  • Connect to other supporting apps easily
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