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Credexo's 'ERP Center of Excellence'

ERP forms the core of enterprises. A poorly implemented ERP is never going to serve the purpose or support an enterprise goals. With Microsoft ERP implementation expertise and number of years of industry experience, we have collated the best practices for an effective  ERP, methodologies to extract the best out of an ERP system.

Cred Academy is an ERP Center of Excellence by Credexo wherein we focus on your business needs of ERP, ERP Sourcing Strategy, Assess Stakeholder's expectations and gap analysis and many more. Connect with us to know more about Cred Academy.

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Credexo Community

  • Redefine your ERP strategy
  • Compilation of best methodologies & best practices
  • Evolve your existing ERP to the ERP of future
  • Align with ERP performance metrics
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Cred Academy extends the usage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of solutions to help you achieve an efficient ERP. 

You can leverage our expertise in implementing solutions using D365 Finance and Operations & Business Central. We also help you focus on Long-Term Strategic Needs of your ERP. 

  • Focus on long term benefits of ERP
  • Assess the capabilities and maturity of current ERP system
  • Compare analysis with other ERP software and Gap analysis
  • Road map to an effective ERP
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Credexo's ERP Assets

CredERP™ is a combination of Credexo's decade long industry experience, industry level credentials and we have also added design thinking methodologies that carve out a great quality solution for you.


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Get your ERP landscape assessed for Free by our ERP experts. With our modeled ERP Assessment with well defined parameters and our expertise in Microsoft ERP Solutions, we help you ascertain whether the current ERP in your organization is giving you best of the results.


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Credexo Care is a Customizable and Exclusive Customer Care Packages to help support your ERP.

 There are multiple packages to choose from.


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Credexo Community
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