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Credexo puts 'CONSUMER' at the center

Credexo brings you specific end-to-end services for consumers. We leverage on Microsoft Suite of Solutions and customize these solutions to fit your business objectives

  • Increase reach-ability to end consumer
  • Fully managed services
  • Integrated services
  • Seamlessly connect with other apps
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Azure Active Directory B2C is a cloud identity service.  Built on Azure Active Directory, Azure B2C is a highly-secured cloud based identity platform that is easy to customize, easy to reach end users, globally distributed service that serves billions of authentication units per day. 

  • Identity and access management on cloud
  • Easy integration with all technology stacks
  • Secured, scalable and compliance oriented
  • Supports all social media and platforms
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Kubernetes is an open source solutions automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Azure Kubernetes Services is a simplified solution built on top of Kubernetes by Microsoft. It accelerates containarised application development. Other features are:

  • Built-in application autoscaling
  • Kubernetes cluster secured with Azure active directory account
  • 100-percent open-source Kubernetes
  • Ease in deployment and management
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Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s offering at a distributed NoSQL database. With Global Distribution at place, Azure Cosmos DB replicates your data wherever users are present. 

Azure Cosmos DB provides native support for NoSQL and OSS APIs including MongoDB, Cassandra, Gremlin and SQL, offers multiple well-defined consistency models, guarantees single-digit-millisecond read and write latencies at the 99th percentile and guarantees 99.999 high availability with multi-homing anywhere in the world—all backed by industry-leading, comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Enterprise grade performance and security
  • Turnkey global distribution
  • Limitless and elastic scalability
  • Availability of 99.999 per cent along with write latency below the ten millisecond mark
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Credexo - Consumer Services

  • Identity and Access Management on Cloud
  • Secured, Scalable and Compliance Oriented
  • Easy Integration with All Technology Stacks
  • Supports All Social Media and Platforms

  • Built-in Application Autoscaling
  • 100-percent open-source Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cluster Secured with Azure Active Directory Account
  • Ease in Deployment and Management

  • Enterprise Grade Performance and Security
  • Limitless and Elastic Scalability
  • Turnkey Global Distribution
  • Availability of 99.999% along with write latency below ten millisecond mark

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  • Azure B2C
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
  • Azure Cosmos DB
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