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'Empowering' the employees with'Connected Employee Experience'

Connected Employee Services empowers the Human Resources of your organization and provides with tools and that need to get efficient candidates and on board them with efficient HR Services. With innovative tools from Microsoft, employees are empowered to create new avenues and solutions set that ultimately helps grow your business.

  • Inter connectivity between O365 and LinkedIn
  • Easy set up and integration
  • Extensible and scalable platform
  • Insightful and predictive analytics

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative hub that brings in the flexible, agile content and conversations at one place. Communiate with staff members, create multiple channels, create team specific channels, share documents, team meetins, notes all at one place and one tool of MS Teams.

MS Teams enables enterprise level security features and other features such as identities stored in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Office 365 Group, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online etc. Connect with us to know more:

  • Collaborative experience
  • Personalized learning
  • Customized to fit your requirements
  • Engaging business environment
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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enables a robust framework at place that safeguards organizations against phishing attacks and malicious threats posed by forwarded URLs, threats on e-mails etc.

  • Threat intelligence tools
  • Enhanced threat protection policies
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Safe and reliable attachments
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Microsoft StaffHub capabailities are now a part of Microsoft Teams. As an independent tool, StaffHub is an app specially built for Firstline Workforce in Office 365. Employees can easily connect, collaborate with each other and you can have better insights, end-to-end administrative and compliance controls.

  • Easily create and manage schedules
  • Collaborative workspace among workers
  • Enable and assign a digital identity immediately
  • Drive business using first line workers
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Enable your employee's and your organization's success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Deliver realistic and objective results by empowering your people managers with the necessary tools that helps them hire, develop and retain the top talents for your organization. Human Capital Management forms the core to accelarate your organization's success.

  • Merge the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn
  • Comprehensive human capital management solution
  • Challenge the traditional HCM processes
  • Easy integration to existing HR systems
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