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Consolidating operations and finance helps business to adapt to ever changing business scenarios and helps to adapt to new market by tweaking the solution to minimum and create an useful impact to the whole organization.

Credexo has an inherent expertise in rationalizing and consolidating the underlying finance and operations of business irrespective of industries. 

Credexo as your consulting and implementation partner will transform your organization through smart decisions in minimum time and with maximum efficiency.

  • Efficient financial management
  • Fast track implementation cycle
  • Smarter operations and increased financial performance
  • Respond to market needs immediately - on cloud
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Versatile solutions such as Field Service Management and First Line worker offers unmatched and valuable benefits. Get proactive and predictive intelligence with IoT to achieve exceptional efficiency in operations and in your business outcomes.

Deliver an effortless, end-to-end service experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

  • Increased operation efficiency
  • Perform TCO analysis for cloud adoption
  • Automated scheduling and optimization
  • Improved resolution and troubleshooting time
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Data has never been so important earlier and any organization that doesn't unlock the underlying potential in data is losing out on new avenues of business.

The advent of new technology and solutions and a design focused approach of business keeps the usage of data at a pedestal and hence the need to use right set of tools and the perfect consulting and implementation partner.

Credexo with it's years of experience in implementing Microsoft solutions and expertise in data assures to extract useful information using your organization's data.


Transforming the data into useful  business insights requires expertise and experience in handling crucial data points. We share your mission and vision to tap the potential of data using Microsoft Suite of Solutions.

  • Integrate data across the enterprise
  • Intelligent services on cloud
  • Manage your data efficiently
  • Optimum data security and quality
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Digital transformation of businesses can be easily achieved with highly adaptable Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Services. Generating leads for sales and tracking the lead is a crucial task and a process to grow the business.

In the ever changing technology and customer scenario, it's vital that each customer gets the personalized attention of the Sales and Business Development Team.

Microsoft Dynamics suite of solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)enable Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Departments to provide a focused service to the clients over cloud.


With lots of capabilities, the solutions can be used to improve collaboration, automate business processes and accessibility. 

Credexo provides consulting and implementation services on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and assists the clients in configuration and deployment. Based on our engagement model, we also provide with additional support and training required. 

  • Effortless customer service on cloud
  • Device and channel agnostic access
  • Built in intelligence
  • Personalized services for individual customers
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Credexo brings you specific end-to-end services for consumers. We leverage on Microsoft Suite of Solutions and customize these solutions to fit your business objectives

  • Increase reach-ability to end consumer
  • Seamlessly connect with other apps
  • Identity and access management on cloud
  • Seamlessly connect with other apps
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Connected Employee Services empowers the Human Resources of your organization and provides with tools and that need to get efficient candidates and on board them with efficient HR Services. With innovative tools from Microsoft such as Microsoft Teams, StaffHub, Dynamics Talent, employees are empowered to create new avenues and solutions set that ultimately helps grow your business.

  • Collaborative experience
  • Engaging business environment
  • Drive business using first line workers
  • Collaborative workspace among workers
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