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Skype for Business: Collaborate with your External Partners

This Blog discusses about how digital transformation favors corporate infrastructure.

Earlier collaboration was as costly as a round trip air fare, skype has brought it to the price of a phone call. Extending on Skype, Microsoft has brought us Skype for Business, upgraded version of Microsoft Lync Server 2013 is a collaborative platform that offers client experience by skype with the enterprise-grade security, control of lync and more importantly compliance. It has got many features including presence, IM, voice calls, video calls, online meetings, call recording and sharing screen. You can record any of your calls or meetings to review it later. If you are already familiar with skype, then definitely you are going to love it. It is designed in such a way that it is very powerful and simple say, it is pretty much easy to find and connect with your co-workers, vendors and business partners.




To trust on any other video calling app, it may be feasible to have an internal conversation, but the problem crops up, when think of External Partners or Clients.  It’s not a piece of cake because you need to deal with utmost care while connecting with external clients and share sensitive data. In this case, Skype for Business, gives you the ability to connect to external skype for business users. Apart from this, you can also connect to regular skype users as well. You can also add a PSTN number to join the call. In emergency scenarios, there may be power cut or server down reflected in cases where people work from home, we can simply add employee to the call using his PSTN number. This is the reason why I found this feature very useful.

Let us have a glance, at the steps to do before connecting to your external partners. Firstly, You need to enable business-to-business communications for your users and to do this you need  admin permissions. Let me give you brief description regarding enabling External Communication:

  • Sign in with your office 365 Admin Account.
  • In the office 365 Admin Centers -> Skype for Business


  • In the skype for business admin center, choose organization -> external communications.
  • There you can find allowed domains and blocked domains option.
  • Here you can add domains that you want to allow and also you can block domains that you don’t want to allow.
  • After making changes to external communications settings, it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to populate across all the data centers.

Besides this, Skype for business server 2015 keeps on improving the new features including:

  • User experience
  • Voice and video support
  • Mobile support
  • Management of on-premises servers
  • Deployment and management of hybrid solutions
  • Multi-factor authentication support

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