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Application Management Services


Leverage your existing Microsoft Capabilities with decade long expertise of Credexo

We help you realize faster time-to-value for new Dynamics implementations 

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Promoting Smart application management on cloud

Credexo enables efficient, cost-effective, high ROI services leveraging the suite of solutions from Microsoft Dynamics. Consultants of Credexo are at the forefront of business with their expertise and credentials from Microsoft.
We provide high quality and industry acclaimed services in Application Management that guarantees predictive performance with a proven quality of methodology. We have the required capabilities to understand your existing applications and we work towards modernizing the technology behind the user interfaces so that you could leverage the benefits of today's technology.
We hold the expertise in upgrading your existing applications & maintaining these applications for you in a hassle-free manner. We execute and support Cloud Based application management and help manage your applications with the required scalability.

What Makes Credexo the go to Partner for Application Management Services ?


End to End Solutioning

Credexo offers end-to-end application management solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 

Cloud Based Application Management

Credexo has designed its approach based on Microsoft Dynamics' Cloud based services and solutions to overcome to employ tools and techniques that build consensus, speed, and momentum and guide programs—from planning to management—toward success.

Performance Efficiency

Using computing resources efficiently to meet requirements and and maintain efficiency as demand and technology evolves

Application Modernization

Credexo has the experience and expertise to handle older and the latest technologies. We offers service to modernize your older applications to latest technology.



Application Development and Maintenance

We develop business centric applications and help maintain those applications, we also offer extended support services like enhancements, new development and initiate your journey to the Cloud

Definitive Approach to Application Management

Credexo encompasses a broad range of expertise and experience in Application Management through different life-cycles necessary to give you a realistic and achievable perspective.


We help you deliver and prioritise world class technology solutions in minimum time. The Dynamics suite of solutions of Microsoft helps us to provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills to ensure the success of your technology projects.


  • Required expertise to integrate third party applications
  • Flexibility in provisioning and managing environments as per the implementation schedule
  • Easy and seamless integration with other cloud and hosted services
  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability, at the application level

Leverage Our industry expertise in application management through the entire application life Cycle

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