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Application Integration Services


Experience Seamless Integration with a Globally used Cloud ERP solution 

Optimize business outcomes with our Application Integration services using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Simplified Integration Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrating different services in an organization helps to increase productivity and streamline various connected processes among   ERP  systems and other important services within the enterprise.
Credexo offers its expertise in solution integration via Microsoft Dynamics suite of solutions through which most of your inter-connected or inter-related applications will be integrated to offer much more enhanced outcomes and business objectives. 
We integrate solutions and services across your enterprise after doing a detailed study and analysis. Microsoft Dynamics integration enables businesses to take the potential of their ERP and CRM solutions to adavnced levels, creating connectivity with other third party applications, systems, services and many more.

Benefits of Well Integrated Applications ?


Reduce Costs

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration. Integrate custom modules to the ecosystem of Microsoft supported by 10+ years of industry experience of Credexo


With your systems integrated to Microsoft Dynamics, your business is scalable and adaptable given any changes in the industry. Easy integration with 3rd party applications.

Increase Collaboration

Explore the cloud solutions and the cloud platform to decrease delays due to dependencies on multiple IT environments.



Increase in Accuracy

Use computing resources efficiently to meet requirements and maintain efficiency and accuracy as demand and technology evolves in the ever changing business environment



Agility, Efficiency and Visibility

Keep data updated and connect disparate data from different source systems, and partners to enhance your critical business processes

Benefits of Integrated Application Services

Integrated systems not only help to get immediate and quick results but are also easy to maintain and scale up based on the range of operations.

Credexo helps you gain end-to-end visibility to your processes, increase your business intelligence and proactively respond to issues.

  • Removes redundancy
  • Drive business intelligence
  • Structured organization and resources
  • Reduction of errors and duplication
  • Influence and facilitate future business decisions
  • Seamless integration with your ERP, EDI, and fulfillment systems

Keep critical data aligned between the front-end and the back-end systems. Connect with us for a Free Assessment/Demo

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